Family Office

Yongwen is one of the leading law firms in China that provides tax family wealth management and family office planning services. Yongwen Family Office adopts Beijing-Shenzhen dual-center office model, gathering excellent talents in the related filed, is good at providing comprehensive legal services related to wealth planning to high-net-worth individuals and families. Yongwen Family Office has extensive knowledge, rich experience, and an unparalleled network of connections that other similar family service providers cannot compare with, making Yongwen Family Office one of the largest and the most experienced legal counsel to both private and family-office clients. Yongwen uses the approach of overall planning to solve legal problems of different enterprises, actively handles opportunity, finding and solving potential problems in the fields of capital preservation and growth, trust and property, philanthropy, management, succession arrangements,

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Make asset and investment planning to achieve the most optimistic tax results

Utilize trust to secure assets

Make inheritance planning by testament, trust, insurance, and other related tools

Pre-/post-listing major shareholders property risk assessment and planning

Pre-migration property risk assessment and planning

Pre-marital and intra-marital property risk assessment and planning

Provide legal advice and dispute resolution for domestic or cross-border marriage and inheritance cases

Witness and execution of estate planning and testament

Risk prevention and legal liability avoidance in advance

Design comprehensive wealth management solutions and wealth inheritance solutions

Assist in designing and setting up a family office

Provide legal advice on automatic exchange of information and CRS (common reporting standards)