Banking & Finance

Yongwen has provided extensive and in-depth legal services related to financial services to many customers at home and abroad, has accumulated rich professional practical experience, and established a good reputation.

Yongwen’s clients include banks, other financial institutions, corporate borrowers, and guarantee providers. We mainly provide financing legal services to influential banks and financial institutions, multinational companies, and local enterprises in China and internationally. Yongwen's services include daily compliance review and recommendations, due diligence, financing transaction structure, and guarantee structure design, drafting of transaction documents in Chinese and English, review and participation in negotiations, etc. Our team has a high level of professional capabilities and can provide cross-border financing transactions and various complex structured financing legal services.

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Commercial loans, syndicated loans and cross-border financing portfolios

M&A loans, including financing for cross-border M&A

Finance facilities for real estate, energy, infrastructure and other projects

Finance facilities for commercial buildings, office buildings, residential buildings, hotels, multi-purpose development complexes, parking lots and other real estate projects

Finance facilities for privatization matters

Synthetic financing

Trade finance, commodity finance, letters of credit and letters of guarantee

Protection of financial claims, debt restructuring, disposal of non-performing assets and management of financial crises

Financial leasing for vessels, airplanes and large equipment

Automobile consumer finance

Financial derivatives and innovative financial products

Financial retail products, structured notes and QDII

Establishment and restructuring of banks and other financial institutions

Banking compliance review

Internet finance

Supply chain finance