Belt and Road Initiative & Outboard Investments

With the in-depth promotion of the “Belt and Road Initiative” strategy, Yongwen‘s footsteps have penetrated into Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia, Europe, and African countries, completing a series of major projects. Yongwen lawyers provide all-round, high-level, and refined legal services including infrastructure, energy, environmental protection, investment, trade, labor, intellectual property rights, and dispute resolution for various clients, which has become a strong backing for Chinese abroad companies.

Yongwen's representative clients in this field include central enterprises, large state-owned enterprises, large state-owned investment funds, listed companies, well-known private enterprises, investment banks, etc., and the investment projects Yongwen serves are all over the world. The industrial fields include overseas natural resources, energy, large-scale infrastructure, real estate, PPP projects, and domestic capacity reduction areas also include technology-intensive industries such as overseas telecommunications, medical care, high-end manufacturing, retail, high-tech, and finance. The overseas investment covers diversified investment forms such as overseas mergers and acquisitions, overseas greenfield investment, overseas PPP projects, and overseas bidding projects.

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Surveying on the legal environment of potential investment destinations

Analyzing, assessing and formulating plans against general risks, investment risks and legal risks

Providing services for the whole process from design to establishment of overseas financing platforms

Conducting due diligences in outbound M&A and investment deals

Advising on transactional structures for outbound M&A and investment deals

Assisting corporate groups in passing their internal inspections on their proposed outbound investments

Assisting in obtaining relevant PRC governmental approvals

Drafting the transactional documents for outbound M&A and investment deals

Assisting in the preparation for tender-bidding process

Participating and assisting in the business negotiation

Facilitating the closing of outbound investment related projects

Assisting the acquisition of annexation loans and project financings

Providing legal advice on outbound investment in PPP projects

Advising on the commercial insurance for outbound investments

Providing full-range counseling for insurance against political risks

Advising on matters involving approvals by official bodies

Advising on the approval/ review procedures at Chinese government level for outbound investments

Assisting clients in selecting, coordinating and managing local intermediary agencies based outside China

Rendering dispute resolution services in various jurisdictions

Issuing legal opinions on specialized issues

Providing legal advice on bilateral investment treaties, tax treaties and the application for other international arrangements

Offering training sessions on the laws of investment destinations