Shipping & Maritime

Maritime and its legal practice have always been closely related to shipping, international trade, international settlement, insurance, and other related fields. Yongwen's shipping and maritime business legal team have provided fruitful and high-quality services for various maritime business matters extended and derived from international trade, shipping, international settlement, and insurance activities for many clients at home and abroad.

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Maritime-Related Issues

Collisions with ships or rocks, groundings, stranding

Damage caused by vessels to fishing facilities, fish farming facilities, farmed seafood and above-water or underwater facilities

Marine engineering and product quality liability

Wrongful lien on ships, cargo, materials/fuel/spare parts of ships

Marine pollution and cleanup

Marine salvage, towage and recovery of sunken ships

General average

Maritime personal injury

Shipping fraud

Other maritime torts

maritime trade case

Maritime cargo and carriage contracts (including damage to cargo, cargo shortages, release of cargo without original bill of lading, transfer of bill of lading, etc.)

Disputes regarding charter contracts (time charter, bareboat charter, etc.)

Sale, purchase, lease, financing and management of ships and vessels Shipbuilding, repair and engineering

Ship ownership, priority, lien and pledge

Contracts of towage and pilotage

Ship and cargo agency, logistics and storage

Contracts regarding the materials, fuel and spare parts of ships

Maritime labor and employment issues

Port/pier leasing, operation and management

The management, mortgage, pledge, financing and leasing of the cargo, facilities and containers at port

Guarantees related to maritime transport, sale and purchase of ships, marine engineering, operation and management of ports, independent guarantees and letters of credit

Marine insurance and indemnity insurance contracts

Special Maritime Procedures

Security of maritime claim, maritime evidence preservation and maritime injunction

The recognition and enforcement of foreign-related arbitral awards 

Limitation fund for compensation for maritime claims (including limitation fund for compensation for oil pollution damage)

Trade cases

International trade contract

International trade settlement, letter of credit

Non-litigation Cases

Ship financing and shipping container financing

Acting as long-term legal counsel for vessel owners, builders, logistics, traders, shipping companies etc.