Private Equity & Investment Fund

Yongwen provides comprehensive private equity and investment fund legal services. Its business runs through the four aspects of fund: establishment, investment, project management, and exit, and has always been in the leading position. Yongwen has handled numerous private equity and investment fund projects, which not only involve the establishment of domestic RMB funds but also cover the legal services for the establishment of offshore US dollar funds (offshore). Our business content is good at combining the laws of China and overseas and is good at providing cross-border legal services, and involves various complex forms such as equity, debt, and mezzanine financing.

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Formation and fundraising of various equity investment funds, including private equity, venture capital and other fund investment platforms

Investments by government- guiding funds, fund of funds and other investors into PE funds

PE funds’ investments into portfolio companies

Investment management for portfolio companies invested in by PE funds

Fund exits, including sale and other M&A activity, capital market transactions including IPO, recapitalization

Deal financing

Liquidation of PE funds