Criminal Compliance

Yongwen has a team of criminal compliance legal services lawyers with exquisite business and rich experience in practice. The team has provided criminal defense for well-known private entrepreneurs, executives of multinational companies, heads of state-owned enterprises, and government officials helped many large multinational companies, central enterprises, and financial institutions to establish the compliance/anti-compliance corrupt system.

The team is composed of expert lawyers with deep local experience, most of them have judicial experience in courts, procuratorial organs, and public security organs throughout the country engaged in trial business, procuratorial business, economic crime investigation, and criminal crime investigation business, have good communication and communication channels with judicial organs across the country.The team has always been committed to providing clients with quality and responsible professional legal services based on professional and exquisi

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Assist clients to formulate and adjust their local operations and business practices to follow the anti-corruption/compliance laws and regulations of China and other jurisdictions (the US, the EU, etc.). This would include, for example, assisting with framing and shaping a localized compliance policy system, criminal compliance risk prevention, and other controlling mechanisms

Provide training, day-to-day counseling and law updates in relation to prevention and management of criminal risks/compliance/anti-corruption matters, and help clients formulate and improve their internal compliance rules and risk management systems

Advise on cases in terms of prevention and management of criminal risks/compliance/anti-corruption and assist in responding to investigations, surprise checks and enquiries conducted by government authorities, services in this regard including contingency planning, on-site assistance and crisis management