Comprehensive Legal Services

As a comprehensive large-scale law firm of the company, Yongwen has the advantages of all categories. It gathers many outstanding lawyers of various professions and can provide perennial legal advisory services and advisory services to the enterprises, which include central enterprises, listed companies, private enterprises, government departments, multinational companies, startup companies and financial institutions, asset management companies, trusts, funds, etc. Discussing the scope of legal services with clients to meet the different needs of clients. Comprehensive legal affairs include the basic legal affairs involved in the operation of the enterprise.

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Legal consultation, provide advice according to law or issue a lawyer opinion notes

Drafting, reviewing, and revising various Chinese and foreign contracts, agreements, regulations, and other legal documents

Participate in the negotiation and signing of contracts, provide legal analysis and argumentation

Investigate, collect evidence, verify and demonstrate relevant legal matters in operation, and issue legal opinions and other legal documents when necessary

Issue lawyer's letter, statement, etc. on relevant matters

Sign, serve or accept legal documents

Conduct legal argumentation on existing and potential disputes, propose solutions and legal opinions

Assist in formulating, revising and improving the company's internal rules and regulations

Prompt for problems, loopholes, and risks in company management

Making legal publicity and legal training at the request of the company after the promulgation of national laws and regulations

Organize and provide relevant legal information