Corporate/Foreign Direct Investment

Yongwen lawyers have actively participated in foreign direct investment activities in China, provided legal services for the establishment of many foreign-invested enterprises, and provided legal support for their post-establishment operations. As FDI gradually shifted from greenfield investment to mergers and acquisitions, Yongwen lawyers participated in many foreign-invested mergers and acquisitions projects. With rich experience in the field of FDI, a deep understanding of its business legal practices, and good communication with government authorities, Yongwen not only provides legally valuable help to its clients in every project but also provides value-added services with rich commercial value. Yongwen lawyers have accomplished many successful cases in the energy, automobile manufacturing industry, film, e-commerce, fast-moving consumer goods industry, general health industry, etc., and have extensive service experience in investment and M&A in several sub-sectors.

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Foreign investment accessibility assessment

Establishment of foreign invested enterprises (“FIEs”) and representative offices

Establishment of Sino-foreign joint ventures and commercial associated negotiations

Concentration of undertakings filling

Establishment of reginal headquarters for multinational corporations

Establishment of foreign investment/holding companies

Localization and ongoing legal and compliance advice

Currency exchange control

Domestic and cross-border financing of IDEs and capital restructuring

Reinvestment by FIEs

Labor and human resources

Customs and border control

Environment protection

Tax planning

Intellectual property protection

Liquidation of FIEs

Cross-border M&A

Foreign investment accessibility assessment

Target selection and risk/feasibility assessment

Initial investment structuring, business negotiations, and due diligence

Consultation on obtaining business license and permits, as well as exemptions

Government approval and formalities

Delivery of target

Ongoing post-delivery legal services

Antitrust declaration

National security review