Real Estate

The real estate business has always been one of Yongwen’s main businesses. There are many Yongwen lawyers are active at the forefront of this field and have won the respect and trust of clients. Yongwen lawyers provide different types of clients (including government departments, investors, developers, construction companies, financial institutions, users, real estate funds, etc.) with full-process, comprehensive and industry-wide legal services for the real estate industry. The scope of services covers comprehensive land development, land transfer, project investment and financing, real estate development, project transfer, various types of mergers and acquisitions, commercial housing sales, property operation and management, real estate company listing and real estate asset securitization, infrastructure and PPP , environmental and energy, real estate related dispute resolution, etc., comprehensively covering residential real estate, office real estate, commercial real estate, industrial real estate, theme parks, retirement real estate, tourism real estate, hotel management, golf course design and construction and other subdivided industries.

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Land Investment

Business models, legal risk assessment and cooperative conditions in land investment

Land investment and agreements for land transactions

Land expropriation and demolition compensation

Land comprehensive development and PPP

Real Estate Development

Legal structuring of project development or joint development

Establishment of real estate companies

Acquisition, grant and transfer of state-owned land use rights

Pre-sale and sale of real property

Property management

Property handover

Acquisition and divestment of real estate companies or special purpose vehicles

Real Estate M&A

Legal structuring of real estate acquisitions

Legal due diligence

M&A transaction documentation and negotiation

Government approvals and registration

Tax matters related to M&A

Real Estate Investment & Financing

General financing of real estate companies

Private equity investment and financing for real estate projects

Trust funds for real estate projects or project companies

Financing of real estate companies by issuing bonds

Securitization of real estates

Other innovative financing channels

Property Operation and Management

Legal and tax issues in relation to the operation of real property

Property leasing