Environment, Energy & Resources

Yongwen has a strong team of professional lawyers focusing on the environment, energy, and resources.

Yongwen’s clients in the environmental field include the top 500 domestic and foreign companies, as well as government agencies and NGOs such as the State Oceanic Administration, the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the China Environmental Protection Foundation, the China Environmental Protection Federation, etc. For many years, Yongwen lawyers have extensively covered various internal environmental projects including water, sewage, watershed management, river management, dredging, reclamation, reclamation, water diversion, lake integration, etc. Yongwen is fully capable of providing environmental administrative licenses, HSE compliance review, due diligence, environmental project investment and financing, construction, mergers and acquisitions, listing, refinancing, environmental public welfare fund establishment and operation, asset securitization and other comprehensive environmental-related non-litigation legal affairs, as well as handling environmental public interest litigation, administrative Rich practical experience in various environmental disputes such as reconsideration and administrative litigation, civil litigation and arbitration.

In the field of energy and resource services, Yongwen provides professional legal support for Chinese and foreign clients including the investment destination country and target project due diligence investigation, the acquisition, development and construction of prospecting rights, mining rights and franchise rights, to projects Comprehensive legal services for mergers and acquisitions, project listing and financing, covering areas such as hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power, wind power, solar energy, biomass energy, forests, oil, natural gas (LNG), coalbed methane, coal, gold mines and other types of Mineral field.

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Full-range services regarding environment related PPP projects

HSE review and compliance counseling

Review, management and prevention of environment law related risks

Due diligence investigation regarding environmental law

Energy conservation and emission reduction projects

Cap and trade schemes and green finance

Management of and investment in carbon assets

Investment in and M&A of environmental infrastructures

Licensing and transfer of energy saving and environmental protection technologies

Solutions for environmental emergencies

Disputes over and compensation for environmental pollution and ecological damage

Serving as a long-term legal counsel for environmental institutions

Resolution of environmental disputes


Establishment of Sino-foreign joint ventures

Full-range services for domestic and foreign energy PPP projects

Tendering for offshore energy projects and providing subsequent services

M&A of energy projects at home and abroad and green field investments

Financing for energy projects

PE financing and public financing for energy companies

Management of legal risks of energy companies

Dispute resolution involving energy sector

Acting as a long-term legal counsel for energy companies and their competent authorities


Due diligence investigations on mining rights and mining companies

Applications for exploration and mining rights, and transfer, mortgage and lease thereof

Negotiation for mining exploration agreements

M&A of mining companies and natural resources companies

Acting as a long-term legal counsel for mining companies, natural resources companies and their competent authorities

Issuance of onshore or offshore bonds for mining companies and natural resources companies

Investment in mining and natural resource projects

Establishment of joint ventures to develop mining exploration projects

Full-range services for PPP projects regarding mining or natural resources

Establishment of risk prevention and containment systems for mining companies

Dispute resolution in relation to mining