Healthcare & Life Science

ongwen is committed to legal services and model innovation in the health industry and has formed in the fields of medical services, public health, life sciences, personal health services, rehabilitation, old-age care, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biological products, health foods, health products, cosmetics, etc. Unique characteristics and established a widely respected competitive advantage. Yongwen has a professional legal service team with rich practical experience and influence. Both have a long-term focus on the field of medical and legal services, have a deep understanding of the industry's operating laws and development trends, and actively participate in the research and formulation of public policies, trading varieties, and innovative models, have the solid professional background knowledge and rich legal practice experience.

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Review and formulation of compliance measures for companies. We devise and examine internal regulations for pharmaceutical companies/medical device companies with regard to matters including their marketing, R&D and management of third parties, provide compliance related training programs for officers and employees alike for such companies, conduct compliance reviews and demonstrations on business models for medical healthcare institutions and advise on laws and regulations in medical administration and management.

Regulatory. We offer regulatory affairs counseling primarily concerning medicines and medical devices, and matters we advise on are mainly comprise clinical trials, registration of products, GMP compliance, marketing of the products, product recall, tender, antitrust and price control, among others. We also provide inclusive legal regulation consulting regarding access to market, medical insurance, pricing, medical items, quality control and sanitary control.