Construction & Infrastructure

Yongwen legal services comprehensively cover residential, commercial complexes, cultural entertainment, public utilities, industrial projects and infrastructure. The legal services cover contract planning, bidding, contract review and negotiation, performance and care, engineering claims, and acceptance, entire chain of delivery and engineering settlement. Yongwen has been at the forefront of the industry with its lawyer team , professional division of labor, and strong experience. With the vigorous development of China‘s overseas investment, Yongwen has accompanied Chinese investors and contractors to go international. With a sophisticated understanding of overseas engineering investment environment and legal issues, Yongwen provides comprehensive legal services to Chinese companies in energy, minerals, industry, infrastructure and civil construction projects throughout the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, South America, North America, and Europe.

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Project proposals

Bid invitation and bidding

Preparation of documents and participation in negotiations

Performance and oversight of construction contracts

Completion inspection and delivery of construction projects

Final accounts for construction projects

Quality guarantees and warranties for construction projects


Due diligence investigations

Design of the overall deal structure of investment projects

Procurement by private investors

Drafting and revision of and negotiation for project contracts

Design of deal structures for financing

Drafting and revision of and negotiation for financing contracts

Financial investors’ entering and exiting projects

Project guarantees

Establishment of project companies

Construction of projects

Operation and management of projects

Project handover

Tax planning

Insurance planning