Dispute Resolution

One of Yongwen‘s core businesses. Yongwen litigation and arbitration team have extensive experience in representing litigation, arbitration, enforcement cases, and handling emergencies.

We firstly advise clients on how to avoid disputes; thereafter, we propose thoughtful solutions when clients are caught in disputes so that they can gain a favorable position in the dispute resolution process. While dedicating to helping clients’ disputes, we are also very skillful in using oriental wisdom to help clients and their counter-parties achieve reconciliation, in order to minimize the cost of dispute resolution for clients. We are always committed to making clear and direct suggestions to our clients, and combined with our international perspective and local experience,

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Provide constructive and operable dispute prevention solutions

Dispute resolution strategy design

Ensure dispute resolution measures

Acting litigation and arbitration cases throughout the process, including pre-litigation investigations, applying for security measures, filing litigation/arbitration on behalf of, conducting defenses, filing counterclaims/counterclaims

Mediation and dispute resolution

Application for enforcement of court judgments and arbitration awards