Bankruptcy & Reconstructing

Yongwen had a group of senior lawyers who were the first involved in the field of bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation, undertook a large number of bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation cases, and provided full legal services for the reorganization of listed and unlisted companies. The team specialized in bankruptcy and reorganization organized by Yongwen has gathered more than ten partners with rich experience in the field and many senior professional lawyers and financial personnel in various offices, committed to providing clients with efficient and high-quality legal services.

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Serving as bankruptcy administrator / member of liquidation teams

Advising debtors, reorganizers, shareholders, creditors and other interested parties on the corporate reorganization of listed or non-listed companies

Filing bankruptcy applications on behalf of creditors, debtors and other relevant parties against debtors 

Conducting pre-investigation on debt restructuring of troubled companies and proposing solutions

Filing compulsory liquidation applications on behalf of shareholders and creditors

Participating in bankruptcy and compulsory liquidation proceedings as legal advisor for creditors and other rights holders

Serving as liquidation committee legal advisor

Participating in risk disposal of securities companies, trusts and other financial institutions as delegated by PRC regulators or relevant parties

Providing other services related to reorganization