Capital Markets/Securities

One of Yongwen‘s important practice areas. Yongwen lawyers have extensive legal service experience in the capital market and securities business. Acting as an issuer lawyer and an underwriter’s lawyer, providing legal services for domestic and overseas IPO listing project refinancing projects. Providing legal services for the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, the reorganization of private enterprises, domestic and foreign private placements, and other securities transactions. Yongwen has a wide range of business in the capital market. In many years of practice, Yongwen has established close and good cooperative relations with securities regulatory authorities, stock exchanges, domestic and foreign well-known investment banks, audit and evaluation institutions, and listed companies in many countries and regions, so as to ensure the best legal service for Yongwen clients.

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Equity Capital Markets

Pre-PO restructuring

Private Placement

Domestic and overseas IPOs

Refinancing of listed companies by stocks convertible bonds, bond depository receipts, REITS and other financing instruments

Back-door listings

Acquisitions, mergers, divestments, major assets restructuring, delisting and relisting of listed companies

Division and repurchases of shares in listed companies

Corporate governance

Design of management incentive plans and employee stock ownership plans

Post-listing information disclosure

Listed companies' formation of securities investment funds and asset management

Debt Capital Markets

Corporate bonds

Enterprise bonds

Financial bonds

Short-term commercial paper

Mid-term notes