Securitization & Financial Products

Yongwen’s financial product legal services cover financial institutions under the supervision of the “One Bank and Three Commissions” (People’s Bank of China, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission, and China Insurance Regulatory Commission) as well as quasi-financial institutions and similar financial institutions Of other financial products. Yongwen provides a full range of asset management, inter-bank, investment banking, structured financing, non-standard and standardized products for many financial institutions including commercial banks, insurance (asset management) companies, trust companies, securities companies, and fund companies' business. Subsidiaries, etc. Handle legal services (including project legal due diligence, transaction structure design, transaction text draft review and modification, transaction negotiation, record approval, and process risk control assistance, etc.).

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Enterprise loan securitization

Auto loan and equipment loan securitization

Residential mortgage loan securitization

Credit card securitization

Leasing assets securitization

Factoring assets securitization

Special asset management program

Project asset backed program

Real estate investment trusts

Asset-backed notes

Non-performing asset securitization

Structured finance

Esoteric asset securitization